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My AWS Solutions Architect Associate (SAA-C02) Experience

By June 25, 2021April 13th, 2023AWS, Cloud

If you are looking for where to start studying for the Solutions Architect Associate, I got you. Keep reading to find what resources I used, how long I studied, and and tips that I have.

After taking the CCP, I wanted to keep going and for most people, the SAA is next in line. I had the dilemma of choosing between the older SAA-C01 and the newer SAA-C02. I decided to study for the newer one in case I didn’t make the old one in time. This time I used some solid materials that I compiled from the r/AWSCertifications subreddit.  The test has 65 questions that you have to complete within 1 and a half hour. I finished 3o minutes before time was up. From its original price of $150, I only paid $75 for this exam after I applied the 50% exam voucher that I got from my previous CLF-C01 exam. Like the CCP, I took the exam online and encountered no issues while taking the exam.

BTW If you are reading this before October 20, 2021, AWS is currently running a challenge where if you sign up before then, you get 50% off the exam! More details about that here.

Exam Prep Resources

Exam Tips

  • Major Topics that I remember: EC2, S3, VPC, EFS, Security Groups, CloudFront, R53
  • Outside of those topics, you will have to be at least aware of what other services AWS offers. You will not have to know them in detail.
  • Take advantage of the practice exams to find your weakness. Jon’s exams make it very easy to pinpoint which topic you are having trouble with.

Good luck with the exam and let me know if you passed!

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