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CKAD Exam: Key Topics, Insights & Resources

By April 17, 2023June 24th, 2023Cloud

Certified Kubernetes Application Developer. Compared to the administrator exam, this was a piece of cake. There was just something that annoyed me. Somewhere between me taking that exam last year and this year when I took this one, the Linux foundation changed the way the exam was administered. It used to be a remote terminal that had no input lag, was friendly with copy and paste, you get a nice big terminal. This time around, they changed it to a XFCE Remote Desktop that was horrible to use. I couldn’t use bookmarks anymore, the screen was super tiny, and I had to swap from my MacBook to my desktop because the experience was just terrible. Enough of my rant though! Given the setbacks I still passed with a 85. I would say I spent about 1 month studying for this. In this post I will give you some topics and resources to pass the exam.

Exam structure:

  • There are 16 questions
  • All questions were just follow instructions. Very minimal troubleshooting involved. Obviously know the relationships between the various different services.

Topics you should focus on:

  • Volumes
  • RBAC authentication
  • Network policies
  • Services
  • Sidecar containers
  • Deployment scaling
  • docker build and deploy
  • helm packaging and deployment

Exam Prep Resources:

  • Kodekloud/Udemy’s course by Mumshad Mannambeth. Nothing can compare to this. Abuse the environment to the max for more practice!
  • exams. These are harder than the actual exam. If you pass this one, you passed the exam no question.
  • These commands. I swear they save so much time editing yaml. You will be able to space correctly every time in the vi editor.
export do="--dry-run=client -oyaml"
export now="--force —-grace-period=0"

Good luck with the exam and let me know if you passed!

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